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For the PEOPLE of ConstitutionDAO who made history


Donors are free to mint a piece of land with no fee
A person who has obtained 'land' is now PEOPLE
A PEOPLE is allowed to invite at most two other persons
To invite a person you can mint land and provide that to him/her
The cost to mint for invitations is 0.66ETH(average donation amount)
25 plots of land around the central 0 point, reserved by the builder
mint for Invitation can only choose outside the red area


Only one person can be the owner of a piece of land
Each person can only accept an invitation once


PEOPLELAND saves invitations and neighbor's relationships forever.
Getting an invitation is an honor and the value of land is determined by neighoring land, be careful to invite neighbors!


Land is a space with (x,y) coordinates. The positive x is east and the negative is west, the positive y is north and the negative is south. Each value of x and y can only be a numerical whole number, there is no limit to the maximum possible range and every coordinate position represents an area of 100 x 100 square meters.

What can we do?

Feel free to use PEOPLELAND in any way you want.

Update Image

Click the refresh button on your PEOPLELAND when on OpenSea to view the changes in your neighborhood!

guide opensea

Link your Metamask wallet.
The system will recognize that you are an original donor.
The "free mint" button will be activated, enter the x & y axis that you want to mint, check your gas fee and it's done!
Note: Some coordinates have been minted, see here at Opensea.


You can only invite by owning PeopleLand.
Invitation cost is 0.66 ETH to mint. Enter the x & y axis that you want to mint, provide a slogan, ETH address of the neighbor you are inviting, check your gas fee and it's done!
Note: Once you have used both your invitations you will no longer be able to invite another PEOPLE to PeopleLand.

๐Ÿ“œGive to address:

You may change your slogan whenever you like.
What description would you like to provide for your slogan?


Available via contract only. Not audited. Mint at your own risk.
For any questions about invitations join the discord server, or view the contract